Trinosaurs are massive extremely powerfull monsters that could rip apart a Starship. They are Native to Mars, but were introduced to breeding grounds on Jupiters moons in the 29th Century, mainly to help with Solar War One. Some of the main breeds include:

Terrasaur (the largest and strongest breed)

Martiasaur (the most intelligent breed)

Megasaurus (it has special traits)

Trilithios (Its armour is made of Trilithium, making it worth a lot)

Aejasaur (They can run at 111 km/h!)

Ageinos (these have a lifespan of nearly 10,000 years)

Skynasaur (The only one that can fly)

Morphosaurus (These are not found naturally, they have been bred)

Demonosaur (They have poison fangs, and can survive a very powerfull laser beam)

Trinosaurs still live their today. Even the extremely powerful technology is not enough to make a camp there. Trinosaurs are now regularly bred to be smaller and tougher for Trinosaur Battles being broadcasted throughout the Solar System. It was made legal to breed them and make them fight in the 30th Century, as Solar War was calming down. (it was stil going, though. Another 6,000 years yet!)

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