The first three Prime Ministers of Jamaica:

1. Sir Alexander Bustamante

2. Sir Donald Sangster

3. Hugh Shearer

Some Prime Ministers of Jamaica of Irish Descent:

Sir Alexander Bustamante

Michael Manley

Gichael Meeks

Fab Pattermon

Stacey Bustamawte

The Most common first names of male Prime Ministers of Jamaica:

1. Alexander

2. Michael

3. Donald

4. Hugh

5. Edward

The Most Common First Names Of Female Prime Ministers Of Jamaica:

1. Michelle

2. Stacey

3. Portia

4. Fexbee

5. Seedwardia

The Most Common Surnames Of Jamaica's Prime Ministers:

1. Sangster

2. Manley

3. Bustamante

4. Shearer

5. Seaga

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