The humans are an intelligent species on Earth. Their history dates back not as long ago as most species - the first Humans were around only 3 billion years ago, and even then they looked more like a cross between a bird, a Monkey and a jellyfish. The Humans we know of today first came around in 1,452,000 BC. They lived in tribes then. There has been many Empires in the history of Humans. The Egypian Empire was among the first, and they lasted thousands of years, until the Roman Empire appeared. They essentially fell round about 395 AD though a small portion of the empire staggered on until 1453 AD.

There was a period in which there were no empires for nearly 2000 years, until the Earth Lesser Empire and the Earth Greater Empire were formed in the 21st Century to 23rd Century. Also see Presidents Of The Earth Greater Empire. In 2260 AD Solar War One started, and lasted for nearly 7,000 years. The Earth Lesser Empire crumbled in this war, but the Earth Greater Empire survived. The Human Race was set back technologically, as were the rest of the species in The Solar System.

Despite all these wars, Humans are known to be the friendliest species in The Galaxy.

Some Important Humans:


Alexander the Great

BadNail Warli


George Washington

Jonathon Lenin

Barnum Richard-Lerning

Micheal Beel

Sir Hannan Irancanadabelgium

Albert Einstein

Lady vax bel JA

Hannah Irancanadabelgium

Durlah Vindalou Banana

Alexander Overmars