The great Martian Emperor is the Emperor of the Great Martian Empire.The current Emperor is Suriname Holmes. The previous emperor was his father, Bayjkilrudburtumr Holmes. The first great martian emperor was elected because of his brilliance in the battle in which they sent the Dortheans in stasis pods out of the system some 3 million years ago. (see the Martains page). His name has was believed to be ether Martia Tirosno or Tirosno Holmes. (probably the first one because Holmes was a surname copied from the Humans). The second and third are unknown, but the fourth was called Glind Beparitou and his son was the fifth (Lindi Beparitou). Lindi's daughter was the first empress and she was called Indice Beparitou, when she got married her name became Indice Grickalt-Dreja.

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