Born in February 2247 AD, Stacey Bustamawte was a Jamaican Prime Minister of Irish Descent. She was born in Jamaica, the daughter of Revcury Bustamawte (Jamaican Dorthean) and Margadita Müllenarr (Irish Human). In 2271 she married Ressveecuea Husadmaweer (Jamaican Dorthean), and they had 2 children, who were called Hannan Husadmaweer (Dorthean) and Paulzee Husadmaweera (Dorthean). In 2,303 she and her husband got divorced. Then, 9 Years later she remarried: Jup Upitedh (Jamaican Filalsat). In 2337 AD, however they got divorced. Stacey remarried again some time later, to Fharlis Richard Müllenar (Jamaican Human). Yet again she got divorced. When she got remarried again it was to Jemefnai Yüifaaz (Canadian Gaggny) and they had a child called Jemeen Yüifaaz, who was a Dorthean-Human-hybrid. Later they divorced. Stacey remarried, to a Human called Remus Metal (from Costa Rica). Stacey and Remus had a daughter called Starcey Metal (a Human). However another divorce happened. So Stacey remarried again, to Nathildi Latki (Jamaican Gaggny). They had one son, Staceyc Latki (Human). Stacey and Nathildi Lakti got divorced after some time, and Stacey remarried. Her new husband was Uceap Iuropi (Panamanian Gaggny). They had children: Michaey Iuropi (Gaggny) and Uceape Iuropi (Dorthean-Human-hybrid). Stacey and Uceap never got divorced.

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