Saidikunsurmtireus was a Neptunian continent. In 452,465,330 BC this continent formed from the collision of two continents (Si-iusartru and Adknumies). As time passed there were many countries together on Saidikunsurmtireus. But unfortunately, in 379,749,230 AD a catastrophe struck; due to a war called Solar War Three, the Heffelesicianoto (a army of Centurians) bombed the continent with terrible weapons. Not only was the surface eradicated and distorted, but all living things died and it was over 100,000 years before it was safe to re-enter the continent. In 490,286,186 AD inhabitants of Uu-Beetu-Nyrgopem, the nearest city on the planet to Saidikunsurmtireus re-colonised it and one new country was made. It was called Suritteedes.

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