First 3 Presidents:

1. George Washington

2. John Adams

3. Thomas Jefferson

The 5 Most Common First Names of American Presidents:

1. James

2. Koah

3. William

4. John

5. George

The 5 Most Common Surnames Of American Presidents:

1. Madison

2. Roberts

3. Bush

4. Johnson

5. Roosevelt

The Oldest American Presidents By Age At Death:

1.James Carter

2.Dwigbeet Ford

3. George W Bush

4. Darniel Nixon

5. Gerald Ford

6. William Kennedy

The Youngest American Presidents By Age At Death:

1. John F. Kennedy

2. James A Garfield

3. James K. Polk

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Warren Thvemas

The Last Three Presidents Of The United States Of America:

George Garfkeld

John Rozerts

Otivia Bush

The 5 Most Popular Presidents Of USA:

1.Wirhelmina Taylog

2.Abraham Lincoln

3.Franklin Roosevelt

4.George Washington

5.Thomas Jefferson

American Presidents Who Were Irish Or Partially Irish:

Wilfiam Bush

Johc Roosevelt

Darniel Nixon

William Kennedy

Gerald Ford

Tichael Roosevelt

Christine Gamah Underwood

Londen Cherokep Lahdmina Koahi Murgavrude Mac anvbykáird

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