North American is a language formed from many languages spoken in North America - they include: Canadian French , Inuktitut , Greenlandic, Spanish , Nahuatl, American English , Navajo , English , Antiguan Creole, Bahamian Creole, Bajan , Taíno language, Haitian Creole , French , Jamaican Patois , Jamaican English , Irish English , Bhojpuri , Vincentian Patois , Portuguese , Belizean Creole, Garifuna , Maya , Plautdietsch , Mekatelyu, Bribri, Central American Spanish, Q'eqchi', German , Dutch , Miskito , Sumo, Rama , Inuinnaqtun, Yucatec Maya, Dakota , Cree , and Mixtec .

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