The Martian moons have been varied, with some of them crashing into each other and new moons being created

Before 4,089,989,160 BC: Jie, Ohc, Afdee, and Ihfom

4,089,989,160 BC: Joaben, an asteroid, is pulled into Mars' orbit so the moons now are: Jie, Ohc, Afdee, Ihfom and Joaben

3,529,446,730 BC: An asteroid called Meffinam is pulled into the orbit of Mars, the moons are now: Meffinam, Jie, Ohc, Afdee, Joaben and Ihfom

2901 AD: Only one moon, Jiohaff, which was created by the Scramiburgs from Meffinam, Jie, Ohc, Afdee, Joaben and Ihfom

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