Miskito is a North American language, and was/is also used in North American. Some Miskito words:

ai (her)

aihni (soon)

aingwa (enough)

aisa (father)

ba (the)

bila (mouth)

dia (what)

diakin (why)

kan (was)

kipla (rock)

kum (a)

kumi (an)

li (water)

mana (salary)

mani (summer/year)

mina (foot)

naha (this)

nina (name)

perforate (perforate)

puls (play)

pus (cat)

ra (in/of)

sa (is)

Sartarae (Barrtaine)

sika (medicine)

sula (deer)

titan (mourning)

witin (he/she)

yang (my)

yu (day/sun)

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