The species called Martians is widely varied and the different variations are called races. The races are as follow (with percentage of overall populations of Martian species in brackets):

Scramiiurelbs (7%)

Yicorsi (6%)

Bacaks (5.4%)

Pewkarni (4.8%)

Sals (4.5)

Calamteebs (4%)

Scramiburgs (4%)

Scraribuli (4)

Fousoms (4%)

Caues (4)

Emcarsi (4)

Screlmibuelbs (4%)

Salamtbergs (3.3 %)

Alpaas (3.2%)

Eocars (3.1 %)

Lasaateebhins (3%)

Phears (3%)

Aaxy (3%)

Sunydorirgups (3%)

Caramibs (2.7%)

Other Races make up the remaining 20%, but these races are much lower percentages

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