Mars is a planet inhabited by Martians and Gigglys. Gurunliv, a Martian country, attempted to colonize Earth in 3,370,000 BC long before humans had evolved, but the Gurunlivians accidentally crash landed on the moon and the Martian bacteria were the first life-forms there.It has a lot of oceans and the western continent of phung is uninhabited by intelligent life due to trinosaurs living there.From 2260 AD to 9343 AD it was involved in Solar War One.

The Vinubloditear Mushroom is a popular snack on Mars

Mars has a lot of languages, such as, including, Common Martian,Great Imperial Martian,Computer Martian,Japanese Martian, Walesian Martian, Trutchan Martian, Iquiaa-Martian,Falklandee Martian, Martian Magusian, Junydorisoupitare, Peruvian Martian, Maori Martian, Martain, and Scramiburgomub.