Below are most countries with Yicorsi living in them, in order of the amount of Yicorsi (roughly). [true as of the 27th Century)

ewrtiaseev= 5 million

Scramiburhea=4 million

Junydorisoupitar=3 million

Great Martian Empire=3 million

Crilspreebo=3 million

Empire Of South Australia=2 million, nine-hundred thousand

USA=2 million, five-hundred thousand

Yuleightunveev=2 million

Beldelfel=1 million, five-hundred thousand

Aifmeonewaigofnofguhhnofgobby=1 million

Earth Greater Empire=3 thousand

Lunar Colony 1=two-thousand

Lunar Colony 2=two-thousand

Lunar Colony 3=two-thousand

Lunar Colony 4=two-thousand

Lunar Colony 5=two-thousand

Lunar Colony 164=two-thousand

The United States Of South America=five-hundred

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