The Star Eyes speak lastalliahin but it is also spoken in some parts of some non-star-eye places, such as 253 Mathilde, Mars, and Jiohaff.

Some words of it are:

beebvee (ambushment)

Esic (Asia)

Esarborro (Earth)

esereevame (America)

Essablerre (Scotland)

eetbeevam (Pluto)

eetoorr (meteors)

Esendot (ninety-five)

Geacer (the)

Gessabdart (was)

Iiacean (wigeon)

Ieelvre (Ireland)

nejseepon (north)

peebveejenwakzi (metal)

Peicelevee (Arizona)

Pencoleaon (surrender)

psiboeeoencaiaiia (Ssiloslovachiania)

Reecebtveerje (Culture)

Reendro (Andros)

Reess (East)

Resserdevam (Raven)

Rye (balconies)

Ryf (France)

Rempparmtendeejbry (Century)

ueesopta (unadoptable)

uemppar (upstate)

Lastalliahin shouldn't be confused with Larstalliahin, which is an edible plant that was created by genetic engineering on Mars.

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