1. King Alexander Overmars the 1st (reigned from 2897 to 3042)

2. King Admantar Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3042 to 3233) (Note: from 3140 until their disappearance, King Admantar ruled together with his wife Storm Overmars)

3. Queen Storm Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3140 to 3233)

4. King Dairick Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3233 to 3275)

5. Queen Storm Overmars the 2nd (reigned from 3275 to 3434) (Note: After this, there were no other descendants of Admantar so a descendant of Alexander Overmars's brother became the new King)

6. King Borison Philipp Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3434 to 3531)

7. Queen Philippa Doris-Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3531 to 3614)

8. King Carter Overmars the 1st (reigned from 3614 to 3651)

9. King Borison Philipp Overmars the 2nd (reigned from 3651 to 3720)

10. Queen Harriett Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3720 to 3764)

11. King Madrigal Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3764 to 3850)

12. King Madrigal Overmars-Fish the 2nd (reigned from 3850 to 3881)

13. Queen Dairesa Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3881 to 3893)

14. Queen Harriett Overmars-Fish the 2nd (reigned from 3893 to 3922)

15. King Storm Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3922 to 3925)

16. King Eibert Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3925 to 3957)

17. King Dairesaa Overmars-Fish the 1st (reigned from 3957 to 4031)

18. King Borison Philipp Overmars the 3rd (reigned from 4031 to 4068)

19. Queen Carter Overmars the 1st (reigned from 4068 to 4135)

20. King Dairesaw Overmars the 1st (reigned from 4135 to 4150)

21. Queen Carter Overmars the 2nd (reigned from 4150 to 4239)

22. King Borison Philipp Overmars the 4th (reigned from 4239 to 4329)

23. Queen Carter Overmars the 3rd (reigned from 4329 to 4515) (Note: Then Admantar was discovered frozen in ice in The Solar System and he was restored) Admantar was king again from 4515 to 5522 Then there was a new queen who was descended from Queen Carter the 3rd: Queen Raidesaw Overmars-Peru-Tree-Winsor the 1st

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