King Alexander Overmars

Originally known as Alexander Overmars, he was the first King of the Earth Greater Empire. In October 2897 he became King, it was his idea for the Empire to be a monarchy. His Coronation was in December of that year. King Alexander died in 3024. In the year 2892, he found Admantar and woke him up. King Alexander Overmars had decided to change the Earth Greater Empire into a monarchy (although it kept the same name) because it is not right for an Empire to have a president. The former president Warli died before Alexander Overmars was born. The election was won, and Admantar eventually became king next because King Alexander Overmars had adopted him (between 80 and 90 percent of the population wanted there to be a monarchy.) The year he was born in was 2890. King Alexander Overmars The First was human. The King died in Peru.

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