Irgirgirgirgi0i0i0rgji0mi0imihr0mi0mi0thmtih0mti0yjmi0yj is a country on 253 Mathilde. Its capital city is called Plusumugar. Like most countries on the asteroid, it has three seasons. There are more museums in Irgirgirgirgi0i0i0rgji0mi0imihr0mi0mi0thmtih0mti0yjmi0yj than trees in berlin. It is not to be confused with umrewmefuvaqyiop, which is a planet inhabited by Idolarenkohs that is actually pronounced Irgirgirgirgi0i0i0rgji0mi0imihr0mi0mi0thmtih0mti0yjmi0yj.

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