Great Imperial Martian is a language. It is one of the most complicated martian languages. It has many words:

Yrikit (Aifmeonewaigofnofguhhnofgobby)

Dakef (Asia)

Phew (best)

bin (bikini)

Baezna (Brenana)

marn (a/the)

Munw (curious)

Cuee (one)

Cure (first)

Nonn (to)

Dazuei (virological)

Easres (Everest)

Yuken (fat)

Careil (Jatdilna)

Eun (Junydorisoupitar)

Melzna (appliance)

mahn (Saanen)

Muw (hi)

Earzen (is)

Muzkay (Sun)

Noni (Galician/Jamaican)

Yamknel (mammal)

Niue (planethood)

Steest (fast)

Yaarkei (serviced)

Dien (surname)

Yul (slow)

Eure (was)

Yumkno (Yemen)

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