Ganymede Mouse English, also known as GME, is a language spoken by a species of mice that mainly live on Ganymede. They're genetically modified mice that are three times more intelligent than most mice. As well as Ganymede, this language is also spoken on Venus. And as well as Ganymede Mice, another species which speaks this language is humans. Unsurprisingly, it is based on English. Ganymede Mouse English words:

aen (a)

kemeriean (American)

cen (an)

Australas (Australasia)

panana (banana)

boon (boot)

Jajefend (bound)

squtaklav (Bratislava)

Benirker (Britain)

Brirks (British)

creип (bread)

Seeкtteпarтьy (cattery)

chenisenke (cheflike)

Knigestmess (Christmas)

cofli (continental)

seejelt (cult)

dangilng (dental)

Earnh (Earth)

kast (east)

ecuopkar (ectoparasite)

squale (female)

neloween (flower)

Fhraopy (Forsoma)

giggete (Giggeld)

Jiequelkun (Gigglys)

guj (gloomy)

kreateä (Greater)

sooeoq (Hoovoqueere)

iquea (in)

knir (is)

kqreal (karmaless)

Kiêg (King)

knolisniss (knottiness)

sariueo (language)

Maиtaт (Malta)

tenêrk (mass)

Mëddlejbee (Middlesbrough)

squky (milky)

sŵue (Ou-issia)

Peeкukhанda (Pewkhnidakiv)

jelalu (planet)

Plutker (Pluto)

squea (quasar)

Quuaneı (Queen)

raincement (radiation)

daeeuss (Ravens)

richs (rich)

Arcaнaaad (Scotland)

spactschen (spaceship)

isanu (statue)

isetuns (statues)

gurgar (solar)

kouih (South)

tiêst (substance)

mun (sun)

sunng kike (sunsetlike)

kriuksum (tapir)

tei (the)

Tarcdeeptoo (Tridploo)

wres (was)

iesve (west)

yqura (year)

iemeen (Yemen)

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