English is a language and this wiki is written in English. It second most spoken human language. Englih and North English are two langauages derived and/or partially derived from English. It is an official language in Lunar Colony 164 and the Isle Of Wight. Also Lunar Colony 1 is a place it is spoken.

Words of this language include (words on the left, definition on the right):

Alexanzrina (a female name)

alike (similar in appearance or personality)

banana (a yellow curved fruit)

classes (plural of class)

clear (completely transparent in colour/free of obstacles)

confidence (the quality of trusting)

endodontia/endodontics (the branch of dentistry dealing with the dental pulp and root)

fairly (with fairness)

jazzily (in a jazzy way)

legless (lacking legs)

lunar (of or pertaining to the Moon)

of (expressing direction/expressing separation/expressing origin/expressing agency/introducing subject matter)

onsell (to sell something which has been purchased to a second buyer)

Peel (Peel is a British surname)

pentagrammatic (being or pertaining to a pentagram)

starship (a spaceship that can travel faster than the speed of light)

townlet (a small town)

underwater (beneath the surface of the water)

unmyelinated (not myelinated)

was (past tense of is)

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