When the Earth Lesser Empire was formed, it was divided into districts. These were (in alphabetical order):Acadian District, Arizona District, Arkansas District, Atlantish District, Chihuahua District, Colorado District, Connecticut District, Dakota District, Delmarvi District, Geoire District, Golieorntatish District, Greater Iowa, Greater Mexico, Great Texas, Honduras, Idaho District, Inliaoisi District, Kansas District, Kenou District, Manitobi District, Maryland District, Mazachusetts District, Mewi District, Michigani District, Minnesotali District, Mississippian District, Missouri District, Montana District, Nebraskan District, Neje, Neri District, Nevadan District, Nor Norr Karralo, North Dakotan District, Oklahoma District, Oregonish District, Pennsylvani District, Saskatchewani District, South Carolinian District, South Dakotan District, Southern Mexicoland, Superiori District, Suzanro Karralo, Talladego District, Tennessee District, The District Of Florida, The District Of Seerothic, The Hawaiian District, The Southern Empire District, Utari District, Virginian District, Washingto, West Virginian District, Wisconsinian District, Wyomingi District

Later in the history of the country new districts were occasionally formed from the other ones, this page deals with the original first districts.

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