Common Martian is a combination of basic Martian languages used for basic communication. It is extremely simple and has less than 1,000 words. It was the first ever Martian language, and it is a helpful language to know because it is so commonly known.

A few words of Common Martian: (nar e nerjo fast shav emui awp earth = Hi I need a fast starship to get to Earth)

Car (Crackonist)

Darfeem (Aifmeonewaigofnofguhhnofgobby)

Dragotgagn (Crackonar)

ea (scientist)

esar (humour)

esstteed (culture)

euzeye (classes)

felst (muscadet)

Muzkay (Sun)

Nar (hi)

Punn (Junydorisoupitar)

Ylkkk (Yemen)

Jio (good)

Dien (bad)

Galz (emporer)

fast (fast)

mul (slow)

Shav (Starship)

Awp (Planet)

Degog (Solar System)

Makk (eat)

Mask (hungry)

Human (human)

Ique (martian)

E (I/Myself/me/my)

haff (help)

he (he/his/him)

thee (she/hers/her)

Nerjo (Require/need to)

Amki (attack/destroy)

Emui (to go/leave/journey)

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