Butspel is a city in Junydorisoupitar. Butspel's demonym is 'Butspelet'. The highest part of Butspel is Delslel . Butspel has no history in the 19th century. There are no forests in Butspel. The population of Butspel was approximately 3,307,510 on 14th December 3,290 AD . As of 3,292 AD the population of the city was made up of the following races: Yicorsi (58%), Pewkarni (29%), Scramiburgs (11%), Salamieurgs (1%), Scramiiurelbs (0.5%), various races of Humans (0.3%), Fousoms (0.1%), Lasydorirhuns (0.05%), and other races (0.05%).

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