Alpha Centuri is home to the Centurians, who are distant relatives of the Martians. It was destroyed by the Hadadookems in 350,000 BC. Alpha Centuri was, before it was destroyed, the closest habitable solar system to The Solar System. Light from it bounced in wierd directions before it got to Earth, so it can still be seen in Earth's night sky today.

The Ravens had once populated it, but left when it was attacked by Hadadookem forces. It had 11 planetoids: The innermost and 2nd from the sun are both inside the sun, and have not been named. The third, Centuri Alpha, and the Fourth, Centuri Prime, and both habitable. The next 3 are Gas Giants, Centuri I, II, and III. The 8th and 9th are dwarf planets named Pluto-2 and Pluto-B, and the outermost are Planet Narnia and another Gas Giant, Centuri V.

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