Admantar has lived under many names, but the first one he was known as was Admantar


He was born in 1040 BC, and in 1011 BC he was Emperor of the Roman Empire for 3 hours before he died in battle. He was mummified, and placed in the deepest tomb ever. Jah Bar Non-Entity travelled to him and put him in a Stasis pod shortly after he died. He was found again in 2242 AD, and killed all the people that found him with traps in his tomb, thinking it was still the Roman Era and that they were graverobbers. He discovers the truth and accidentally activates a memory download from his stasis pod. He remembered being in stasis for 3,000 years. He learned of all the technological advancements and how to use them, and medical technology caught his eye. He conned money off lots of people, and actually passed a medical exam and became a doctor in 2249 AD.

He was known as Rally Mices then. Dr Mices worked secretly on a new technology that could de-age you. Oventually he began building a Regeneration Machine, something that can reduce your physical age by up to 200 years in a single blast. It would also change your taste, and slightly you personality, what you look like, but not your memories. He came up with a bright idea aswell. In 2286 he became president at the age of 71 (which wasn't that old in those times). In 2296 he used his regeneration machine, reducing his age so that he was 22, and also destroying it. He became president again, this time under the name of Harry Living.

Harry Living was president for over 100 years, until 2402, in which time he builds another Regeneration Machine. He used it again, and it reduced his age to 19, but when it broke he was injured, and had to go into emergency stasis.

He woke nearly 500 years later in 2892. He was awoken by Alexander Overmars, who said he had heard of Admantar and his research had led him here. Alexander had a good plan - to change the Earth Greater Empire from Presidency to Monarchy, and let the Overmars family rule. Admantar now aged 4 times more slowly because he had regenerated twice - and after effect. Admantar was adopter as Admantar Overmars, son of Alexander Overmars. They successfully won the election and voters voted that it should be Monarchy. Admantar became King in 3042 when Alexander Overmars died.

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