2213: Martians come out of stasis and are greeted by The Human Race.

2214: Hoovoqueere erupts again, and is filmed being erupted.

2232: BadNail Warli, the first president of the Earth Greater Empire, is born.

2234: Steropodon Galmani went extinct.

2246: French Guianans start building what they believe will become the greatest city on Earth.

2247: The Nova Hada Army was formed.

2258: Aighrukwiew Warliwas born.

2260: Solar War One started.

2266: BadNail Warli became president of the Earth Greater Empire.

2266: By this year 24 % of the Colombian population spoke Italian.

2271: By this year, 7% of the population of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland speak Hindi

2286: Badnail Warli stopped being president. Rally Mices took his place.

2288: BadNail Warli died.

2296: Rally Mices resigned. Harry Living took his place.

2296: Boeringhei Weggalumibo became the new raven ambassador to the Jah Bar Non-Entity.